£3,000 International Scholarship Discount for Nigerian Students at De Montfort University Leicester, September 2017

De Montfort University international scholarships and discounts September 2017

  • International scholarships and discounts are only available to students who are assessed by DMU as having overseas international student status, and who pay overseas international rate tuition fees.

  • Applicants to DMU are eligible to be considered for a scholarship or discount based on their country of residence, i.e. where they are living at the time of application. For example, a first-time international applicant to DMU living in the UK at the time of application would be considered for a UK Domicile discount only, regardless of his or her nationality. Decisions made by the DMU International Office regarding eligibility for all discounts and scholarships are final.

  • A limited number of scholarships and discounts are available in each market. Discounts will be applied on a first-come-first-served basis to applicants who pay a £3,000 tuition fee deposit to DMU. A deposit can be paid at any time after an applicant has been assigned an application reference number. Scholarships will be awarded on merit, and recipients will be chosen according to the process described on the relevant country page of the DMU website.  Please visit the September 2017 scholarships and discounts page of the DMU website for updates regarding the availability of scholarships and discounts for September 2017 and methods of award.

  • Scholarships and discounts may be awarded to students studying on selected full-time undergraduate and postgraduate courses taught at the DMU Leicester Campus only. Course exclusions apply as stated in this document. Please contact DMU if you are unsure.

  • Only students studying on site at the DMU Leicester campus on full-time courses are eligible for scholarships and discounts. Awards will not be applied to students studying on part-time and distance learning courses or courses with fees lower than the lowest standard international fee, currently £12,250. Please see the course pages of the DMU website to view international fees and ensure your chosen course is eligible.

  • International Year Zero, International First Year and International Incorporated Master’s applicants are not eligible for De Montfort University discounts or scholarships, but can apply for Leicester International Pathway College awards. See this page for more details.

  • Discounts are not available to students progressing from International Year Zero, International First Year and International Incorporated Master’s courses to De Montfort University courses. However, progressing students can apply for merit-based scholarships if they meet the eligibility criteria listed in this document and on the scholarships webpages.

  • If a an applicant meets all eligibility criteria stated in these terms and conditions and the terms and conditions for residence in a particular country and pays a £3,000 deposit whilst the discount is advertised on the scholarships and discounts pages of the DMU website, DMU may award the discount to the applicant.

  • When a discount is no longer available, the international scholarships and discounts webpages will be updated accordingly. Discounts will not be awarded to applicants who pay a deposit after the point that the website is updated with information stating that no further discounts are available.

  • We strongly advise all applicants to check the international scholarships and discounts webpages carefully before making a deposit payment.

  • Scholarships and discounts will be applied to tuition fees at the point of enrolment unless otherwise stated on the relevant pages of the DMU website. Scholarship recipients will be notified by email within three weeks of the scholarship application closing date unless otherwise stated. Students awarded scholarships and discounts will have their awards applied automatically when they enroll.

  • All international scholarships and discounts are valid only for students entering the university in September-November 2017. Awards cannot be deferred by the applicant until a subsequent entry point.

  • Students receiving a scholarship or discount will not be eligible for any additional award unless stated otherwise on the September 2017 scholarships and discounts webpages. If a student is eligible for more than one scholarship or discount, he or she will receive the higher value award only.

  • The value of the scholarship or discount will be deducted from tuition fees for the first year of study only. The award will not be applied in subsequent years of study including repeated first year.

  • Unless otherwise stated, no cash alternatives will be offered. Awards cannot be transferred to another recipient.

  • Only self-funded students are eligible for scholarships and discounts. Students in receipt of any type of sponsorship will not be eligible.

  • DMU reserves the right to cancel any award which has been claimed fraudulently including on the basis of deliberate provision of false information to claim the award, and to apply the full tuition fee. If a cash award is found to have been claimed fraudulently, the award amount will be added to the student’s university account and must be paid in full before the end of the student’s course.

  • Where a student terminates or interrupts their studies prior to the completion of their course, both the tuition fees and award will be pro-rated, based on the student’s last date of attendance.

  • Recipients of a scholarship or discount must have no outstanding debt to the university.

  • For all enquiries regarding international scholarships and discounts, please email ask.international@dmu.ac.uk

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£3,000 International Scholarship Discount for Nigerian Students at De Montfort University Leicester, September 2017 £3,000 International Scholarship Discount for Nigerian Students at De
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